The Deck


• 68 illustrated cards

• Mini-booklet of Meanings

• Full-color box

• Extra cards with guided instructions for spreads

Get it through Gamecrafter

Other Versions of the Deck

(doesn't come with book)

The Book of Meanings

The deck comes with a small booklet of meanings when ordered through Gamecrafter, however the meanings booklet is a small sample of this very large, complete tome of the Inner Mask Oracle. You could call it a user's manual.



• One PDF

• Latest version, edited 2020

Download the PDF FREE through Gumroad

The first several years this game was on Gamecrafter, I did some edits to the cards, and most of the edits were minor but it can help to have access to the older versions of the Book of Meanings. Here is the archive of all the older versions of the Book of Meanings here. 



• 5 PDFs, dated from 2009-2019

• "List of Updates" for navigation

Download the PDF for a $1 donation on Gumroad.

If you prefer to download this free, you can get it direct here.

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