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The Inner Mask
Oracle Deck

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The Inner Mask Oracle is a journey of one mind through many, a divination tool and a fictional account of the wanderings of the Inner Mask through subconscious worlds. 
It is available as a 68-card oracle deck featuring the meanings of the cards and more details on the Inner Mask's experiences in MaskWorld. 

“The Inner Mask speaks to you on multiple levels unearthing treasures from the subconscious with creativity and conversation. An intriguing deck, well worth exploring!”


-Melody Often

“I'm overcome with the wisdom and depth of it.”


-Bard Baitman





The Images

Each card is heavily illustrated with provocative dream-like imagery and surreal situations, and each card is accompanied by a deep mythos comprising the fictional journey of the Inner Mask, and the philosophical underpinnings of the card. The four suits of the Tarot of the Inner Mask are all influencers on the self: Masks (transformation) Mirrors (recognition) Shadows (non-recognition) and Veils (occlusion). The cards and their meanings are a starting place: the circuit is completed by the reader's experiences, import and interpretation.

The Characters

This oracle deck follows the journey of a creature called the Inner Mask (it/its) who wanders through realms of the subconscious. 

Another "character" in this deck includes the Empty Moon (it/its & sometimes she/her) who usually can be found in a realm even deeper than the plane inhabited by the Inner Mask. The Empty Moon can be said to symbolize the shadow self, calling out to the other regions of the conscious mind to be known.

Mirror Reflections

At its base, the Inner Mask Oracle is a series of images, drawn from a storm of thoughts concerning the self: its creation, its discovery, its destruction, its division and wholeness. This line of thinking flows down routes of psychology, philosophy, sociology, history, spirituality, and magic. The Inner Mask represents a being in inquisition with itself; looking back, looking in. These images have assembled themselves in a form, the form asks to be a deck of cards. As a deck, it offers a narrative that is randomizable, recombinable, up to the reader to assemble into meaning. 

The Temple of Knowledge

The Inner Mask's journey begins at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Temple of Knowledge.
The Inner Mask (and its unseen friend, the Empty Moon) had traveled far to this temple in search of the answer to its one question: "who am I?"
The Empty Moon waited outside while the Inner Mask went in. When the Inner Mask emerged, the Empty Moon saw disappointment in its face: the Temple of Knowledge had answered the Inner Mask's question, but done so in a way that left the Inner Mask profoundly dissatisfied: it had answered with silence.
Unable to find meaning in this answer, the Inner Mask sat there, unhappy with the Temple's reply, feeling this was reply unfair. Then, both the Moon and the Mask noticed a road stretching into the distance, and in there began a new journey that would lead through dreams and realities, lives and minds, societies and myths, the seen and the unseen, light and shadow and the soul.
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