Sep 4 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you've been weathering this very strange year well. Some updates:

• Gamecrafter is up and printing again! Order deck here

• MakePlayingCards is also still printing, and through them you can access the Holographic Version of the deck

• The MANUAL OF MEANINGS is complete! New 2020 edition of the full, complete, 396-page massive manual, available for download for $5 donation. Contains the card descriptions, stories, general meanings / reversal meanings / shadow meanings and also lots of artwork both included and not included in the deck

• I've updated the small booklet that comes with the deck. The last version of the booklet contained lists of keywords to help with interpretation, for this edition I wrote out meanings as they specifically apply to shadow work. Download PDF of the new, shadow-oriented booklet here

• So many updates! And the last update is about a turn in the evolution of the entire project. It's finally become clear to me that this deck is specifically oriented to explorations of the shadow, and I have updated the booklet and other materials for this specific use. I explain more about this on my stories on my Instagram.

• Last update: I am working towards providing Shadow Readings for those interested in getting a reading from me. I'll be sending out an update when I'm ready to open books!

May 19 2020

Shop Update:

My usual printer, Gamecrafter, is closed due to covid, so I am currently offering the deck through! 

Note: doesn't come with a book or box

Please download the free Meanings Book 

September 14 & 15 2019

SPX (Small Press Expo)

Attending / vending at Small Press Expo Maryland!

August 8

Bluestockings Comics Fest Opening Night

Inner Mask Oracle demo at Bluestockings Comics Fest

August 12

"Designing Oracle Systems" Workshop at Bluestockings

I'll be presenting a free workshop on designing oracle systems during the Bluestockings comics fest

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