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April 9 2023

Kickstarter Launches April 11!

I've been planning this Kickstarter literally for years, and now it's finally time! Thanks to everyone who has been following this project over the years, given their input and taken an interest in this unusual character and its world. Thank you so much!

The Kickstarter is currently in pre-launch as of this writing and can be found here. The campaign will offer a new hard box with 2 parts, and a printed book (the complete manual of meanings) in close-to-deck-size for the first time ever. 

There will also be prints and other rewards. Launches in the morning of April 11! Sign up on the Kickstarter Launch Page for updates or on the Newsletter tab below.

Feb 21 2021

Upcoming Kickstarter:

I'm planning to launch the Inner Mask Kickstarter this summer. While the deck is still available to purchase through the GameCrafter store, I am going to be producing a deck that is printed on sturdier paper, comes with an improved box, and, most different of all, will come with the very detailed Manual of Meanings. For those who've already gotten a deck, the campaign will be an opportunity to obtain the Manual of Meanings to accompany it, as well as other Inner Mask related art. To keep abreast of news, join the Inner Mask Newsletter and I'll notify when it launches.

Something I'm considering is, after the deck has been printed, keeping the other versions of the deck on GameCrafter, so that those who are interested can obtain a no-words deck, or another legacy version of the deck.

Sep 4 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you've been weathering this very strange year well. Some updates:

• Gamecrafter is up and printing again! Order deck here

• MakePlayingCards is also still printing, and through them you can access the Holographic Version of the deck

• The MANUAL OF MEANINGS is complete! New 2020 edition of the full, complete, 396-page massive manual, available for download for $5 donation. Contains the card descriptions, stories, general meanings / reversal meanings / shadow meanings and also lots of artwork both included and not included in the deck

• I've updated the small booklet that comes with the deck. The last version of the booklet contained lists of keywords to help with interpretation, for this edition I wrote out meanings as they specifically apply to shadow work. Download PDF of the new, shadow-oriented booklet here

• So many updates! And the last update is about a turn in the evolution of the entire project. It's finally become clear to me that this deck is specifically oriented to explorations of the shadow, and I have updated the booklet and other materials for this specific use. I explain more about this on my stories on my Instagram.

• Last update: I am working towards providing Shadow Readings for those interested in getting a reading from me. I'll be sending out an update when I'm ready to open books!

May 19 2020

Shop Update:

My usual printer, Gamecrafter, is closed due to covid, so I am currently offering the deck through! 

Note: doesn't come with a book or box

Please download the free Meanings Book 

September 14 & 15 2019

SPX (Small Press Expo)

Attending / vending at Small Press Expo Maryland!

August 8

Bluestockings Comics Fest Opening Night

Inner Mask Oracle demo at Bluestockings Comics Fest

August 12

"Designing Oracle Systems" Workshop at Bluestockings

I'll be presenting a free workshop on designing oracle systems during the Bluestockings comics fest

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