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How to Work With The Tarot of the Inner Mask

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The Tarot of the Inner Mask Oracle Deck is designed to serve for Divination, Therapy, Introspection, Meditative Focus, and as a guide for conversation. Most of all, it is a tool for self-discovery.

As A Tool for Self-Discovery

Each card is a part of a narrative, a story about the journey of the Inner Mask through the realm of Maskworld, however you will notice the Inner Mask is not present in all the cards. This story also concerns other characters, and moments that affect the Inner Mask on a deeper level, or in which the Inner Mask's presence is as a transformed or unrecognizable being.

The Inner Mask is driven to answer a question: "who am I?" The significance of that question is not lost on those who might answer it: to know the universe is to understand the self. Self-knowledge is the gateway through which one must pass in order to understand any other part of creation; how it works, why it is. Because one is part of the wider creation, inseparable, one plays a role. To understand one's true self is, in many ways, to understand the role one plays on the Earth, in the universe, in the entire history of things.

The Inner Mask has been trying to answer this question for a long time. The story within this deck of cards begins when the Inner Mask approaches the Temple of Knowledge (Apollo's Temple) to ask the question that it holds in its heart and empty head: "who am I?" The Temple answers, with silence. The Inner Mask is taken aback, the Empty Moon sees it leave the temple, looking agitated and shocked, bewildered and betrayed. The Temple has answered the only way it could possibly answer, but the Inner Mask is not ready to understand that yet. The content of the Oracle of the Inner Mask is the journey the Inner Mask takes after this point, after it has decided to rise up and walk away from the Temple, to find out the answer for itself.

As we open ourselves up to the Inner Mask, we allow ourselves to empathize with that stage in the journey, whether we have passed that stage or not, whether we understand meaning in the silence or are equally confounded by it. There are many different experiences, some frustrating, some disorienting, some confusing, some astonishingly revelatory, on the path to gaining an understanding of yourself.

The Tarot of the Inner Mask oracle deck can be used for many things, can be turned to in order to answer questions of many kinds, however it likes to be allowed to investigate this question, which is the center of all questions, and to analyze the part it plays in current circumstances. How we answer that question, in this moment and as we increase our consciousness as beings in a conscious universe, will shift over time, as we learn and acquire experiences. The answer influences how we navigate our world, our hopes and expectations, how we create worlds and produce legends. Is the answer us, or is the answer our best guess, until we have surpassed all mystery?

"who am I?"

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