Music for "Electricity Is Her Element"

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

About the Musical Score by Gunwallace

Initially, I uploaded Electricity is Her Element to 3 places on the internet: Tapastic, Line Webtoon, and my own website. Later on, I also uploaded the comic to DrunkDuck and SmackJeeves. You can imagine my surprise when one day I looked in my DrunkDuck account and found that someone has composed a musical score for my comic! A creator is seldom honored so much by such an awesome surprise, and close to my birthday no less.

Musical Score by Gunwallace

This piece of music is described thus: "The sound of spacewhales, distant quasars and pulsars, coronal mass ejections of highly charged plasma suspended in a magnetic flux, photons shooting out into the distance… this music [will] set off flashes of light in the darkness of your mind."

Special Thanks to Gunwallace for one of the best birthday presents ever: composing such perfect music for Electricity is Her Element. You should all check out Gunwallace's comic All Unicorns to Battle Stations!

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