New Reader? Want to Know More? Welcome!

If you want to dive in, head to "Electricity is Her Element," it's a good jumping-on place.

So here's where I'll try to answer some common questions.

"What are these, arcs? Chapters? Solo stories? Are they chronological? Simultaneous? Do they all take place in the same universe? Do they all star KerBop? Is there a single format? is there a single overall story I can follow and subscribe to?"

KerBop the Angel is less of a single webcomic and more of an open world project (something like Floraverse), and may contain any number of comic stories, animations, short comics, books and zines. What these have in common is they all either have KerBop as a major character, or take place in a world influenced and affected by her.

"Oh, so is KerBop a girl? If so she's not very feminine."

KerBop is Androgynous, but she goes by she/her and I consider her a female androgyne... I know that may sound like a contradiction in terms but hear me out. Just like everyone has their own definition of what Non-Binary means, I have my own understanding of what Androgyny means. I feel that most people have a better understanding of Non-Binary than Androgyny these days, and I can only describe my own view of it, so here it is: Androgyny is a perspective on gender, in which one sees the "two genders" as arbitrary collections of interesting things and also annoying habits that are excused, and thus perpetuated, as "natural" for one state or another. The two genders appear as buckets that lots of randomly chosen things have been thrown into, some people are very adamant about getting the entire universe of things into one bucket or another and that's seriously irritating and unnecessary. And then there's some stuff which either doesn't belong in either bucket, or can be arguably put in either bucket, or really seems to belong in both. I feel Androgyny to be something of a philosophy, others may experience Androgyny totally differently but that's my feeling on it: its an outlook, the genders look to be invented nonsense. When someone refers to KerBop as a he, which happens often, to me that's funny, not offensive or insulting but comical- because that's just our habit of putting certain things into the "male" bucket, like cartoon characters without bows or giant eyelashes- playing itself out. It's not a huge deal, people always eventually stumble on her pronouns as they're reading. And then, it's like this nice little extra kick against that habit: just a little nudge in the direction of "see this thing we tend to rely on being untrustable," it's like a bonus lesson on top of the main direction of the comic.

"Ok cool. So back to my other questions-- is this one single story with different chapters? Is this a collection of stories taking place in a single universe?"

In these comics, angels are multi-dimensional super-beings whose task is to protect conscious life on its way to achieving higher states of awareness, and serve as guides towards that end from time to time. KerBop is assigned to this solar system, and while it's a solar system that includes the Earth and moon and Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Neptune/ all those kinda "landmarks," none of these stories take place in *our* universe with humankind. There are some dimensions in which our solar system is composed of different planets and moons, in fact there's many such dimensions, and KerBop oversees these as well.


In addition to overseeing all the life-forms in our solar system, KerBop's dominion extends to every dimension in which this solar system exists, in which there are living beings that need her. There are billions of other dimensions of reality, only some of which saw this solar system come into being, and only in some of those did life arise on any of its planets and moons, and only some of those are ones in which life has evolved into sentience. This is only a tiny fraction of all dimensions that exist, however there are nevertheless countless civilizations KerBop has to deal with, countless sub-dimensions and variant-universes in which each sentient species has worked out different historical pathways and possibilities for itself. Almost every civilization has at least one dimension of reality in which it manages to destroy itself no matter what KerBop does, and as an angel KerBop must learn to endure this. Some angels say that it gives living beings an unexplained, increased depth of emotion when a version of their civilization destroys itself, because the surviving realities are all forever in mourning without knowing it. There are some civilizations in which the number of realities in which that civilization destroys itself outnumber the realities in which it survives and reaches a place where such self-destruction is no longer a possibility, and these are called "close-call" civilizations.  

In short, there's a colossal expanse of possible scenarios in which KerBop may find herself, and a large number of different species which KerBop needs to tend to from time to time. Therefore, there will be a large number of different stories on this site, which may take place in different dimensions and involve different species and problems, and some of these universes have very different histories and players from others, but all involve KerBop somehow. So yes, they all take place in a different universe, but not in the same reality. KerBop however, can transcend realities as easily as we can walk through doors in a house.

"Ok what about subscribing? I don't see an RSS feed. How can I subscribe?"

Yeah I don't have an RSS feed here... If you sign up for my newsletter, that emails when there's *major* landmark events in a series, such as a new one starts or one wraps up, or there's a new chapter or midway point etc. 

My site-goals for this page were that I'd be able to upload these different KerBop stories that I'm working on, and that you'd be able to experience them in the order you like. There will eventually be a lot of different narrative threads here, sometimes being uploaded simultaneously. If what you prefer is to follow a single, linear strand of content, then I suggest subscribing on Tapastic or any of the other webcomics servers I'm uploading KerBop content to. These servers are like YouTube for webcomics- they let you sign up free and then subscribe to comics, just like YouTube channels, and you'll get a notification when new content is up. If you want to experience these comics more in that vein I highly recommend you check these out. 

"So, is this an all-ages comic? Is it ok for kids? Is it good for adults?"

There's no plan to have KerBop have any R-rated stuff-- we may see the occasional super-nova or other space disaster, all of which is pretty violent but I don't think that's out of gamut for young readers. I'm writing this comic largely with people my own age in mind, because I see its themes as having to do with the quest to become more connected with the universe and happy in yourself, which is something I think about a lot these days. Not that I didn't think about it as a younger person, I just think about it a lot more these days. I feel like kids and adults can both relate to this, I'm just thinking with my own individual pursuit in mind as I write these. But yeah there's no gore or nsfw stuff or anything. Not planned at least. 

"So with all these different universes and settings and species and so on, is there a unified "mythos" or set of rules I should be aware of?"

Not particularly, I hope to make the rules of this universe clear as things go on. I did make a small site for those interested in learning more about Angel School and the Angelic Manual and other official publications of the angel council, but that's not necessary to follow the comics. 

Any other questions? Send me a CONTACT!