The Angel


KerBop is an angel who defends our solar system from demon armies, intergalactic tyrants, and other adversaries.


She is also an androgynous flying cat-person.


These comics are her stories! 



New Kickstarter!


The "Filaments" Kickstarter is launching Oct 6, and finishing Oct 27 (3 week campaign). Check out the campaign below! 




Who is KerBop?

KerBop the Angel is an androgynous flying cat from outer space who defends our solar system from those who pose a threat to living beings. She presides over all the dimensions of reality in which sentient life exists, as protector. 

She is a rather young angel: in some comics she is in 3rd grade (3 billion years old) and in others she's gone into 4th grade (4 billion years old) in a universe that is in its 14 billionth year. She is therefore also learning how to angel in these stories.

Her one weakness is blueberries, which connect her with the direct experience of the beauty of all reality, distracting her from troubles for a time. These comics are her stories.

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