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The Angel




KerBop is an angel who defends our solar system from demon armies, intergalactic tyrants, and other adversaries. She is also an androgynous flying cat from outer space.

I've been telling her story in the form of comics since 2013, and so far 2 books have been released which feature her as a main character. As of early 2022 I'm working on putting out a third. These books don't necessarily have an order in which they must be read, as the story jumps around (and because angels don't experience linear time)

With all these comics, they first premier free to be read online on Tapastic, which is like YouTube for webcomics. You can subscribe to KerBop there. When I complete the story, I make them available as printed books. You can see what I've got so far below. You can read more back-story in About.

Thanks for reading!

Kathleen Kralowec


Electricity is Her Element

Four dragons emerge from the storms of Jupiter to plot the return of Chaos to our solar system. They summon the elemental diplomats, calling them forth from across time and space, in order to restore the original disk of spinning dust that existed before the planets. 

"Soundtrack" by Gunwallace on Drunk Duck.


Filaments takes place when KerBop is in 3rd grade in Angel School (3 billion years old) and she's just learning how to "angel."

She is told that nothing exists in the inter-galactic void, and decides to investigate the place for herself.



"Premonitions" is Coming

It's been a few years since the last KerBop story, and the next one launches spring of 2022

The story features Alexandra, an oracle exiled to a distant island by a cruel dictator, after she gets a premonition about his downfall. She is visited by the angel KerBop, who tells her that he is coming to find her, and learn from her now that his kingdom has been destroyed by an army of giant robots from space, because she is the only one who foretold it. Alexandria is much-embittered by her time in this place, and has to come to grips with her cosmic mission, her spiritual destiny, and her galactic back-story.

To find out when "Premonitions" launches, visit this page, follow my newsletter or Pateron, or follow me on Instagram to be notified.


Joining my Patreon page is a way to directly support the comic, and also to get lots of rewards and freebees.


The KerBop Patreon offers:

  • bonus illustrations, animations, artworks

  • sketches

  • more of the KerBop story, legends, myths

  • sneak-peaks 

  • early releases

  • exclusive content

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