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About "Electricity Is Her Element"


Jupiter's Great Red Spot is shrinking. From its storms, four dragons emerge, determined not to let Chaos vanish from our solar system.

Electricity is Her Element is about four dragons that inhabit the storms of Jupiter, and their plans to summon the elements to restore Chaos to our solar system. The story is inspired by astrophysics, mythology, elemental magick, and vintage sci-fi stories. 

I drew this comic almost entirely by hand in a 5.5x4" sketchbook with Prisma pens. The process took about a year and a half, starting in the summer of 2015. The art style has been described as retro, psychedelic and cosmic, and also inspired a musical score (music by Gunwallace).



"Wow. One of the amazing things about Tapastic is that sometimes a story comes along that is truly inspired, and pushes the boundaries of what we expect comic books to be. Electricity is Her Element reads like a cosmic tale of Greek Mythology, inventing a new story to explain why the universe is the way it is. [The] story is so incredibly stylish and confident that it could stand as the basis for a new religion. The potential of the story is so great that it could be timeless, immortal ... if enough people read it. The art is one-of-a-kind, the voices of the personified elements are specific and engaging, and the lettering is almost art by itself. I come from a family with a strong connection to its Native American heritage, and what I love most about this story is how reminiscent it is of the stories ancient cultures would tell around a bonfire. At the same time, there is an inherent sci-fi element to this comic that makes it distinctly modern. I can't wait to see how the tale unfolds -- Electricity is Her Element is a treasure."

-Donathin Frye, Donathin's Monthly Comic Spotlight

"Above all else, Electricity Is Her Element is gorgeous... The marker work and the color choices make the pages pop from a mile away. The hand-lettering... is leaps and bounds ahead of standard lettering practices. Each elemental has a very unique yet uniform design as well; something that’s difficult to pull off."

-Joe Corallo,

 "Electricity Is Her Element is an absolute delight... It is a surreal and trippy visual delight with so many different aspects to keep you guessing until the final pages.

"[Kat] is a great creator, and this comic proves how remarkable she is with her craft. She drew this comic by hand, and the coloring is with markers alone. Created to show that she could do it with markers, but also to explore another side of one of her original character and the best character in the comic KerBop the Angel. It is a story that works so well in the mythos she creates that you just want to read it again and again."

"There’s an incredible sense of storytelling that threw me until the very end. This psychedelic space story is truly on a mythology level, combining a lot of elements from different types to combine for the narrative... She borrows from the myths of real storms and elements, giving them characteristics, personalities, flaws and designs that are so fitting for them. There is also an underlying message of “false gods” that is active in the comic, especially as the Four Dragons try to play a crucial role in getting Chaos to do his job themselves."

-Insha Fitzpatrick,

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