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Electricity is Her Element

Four dragons emerge from the storms of Jupiter to plot the return of Chaos to our solar system. They summon the elemental diplomats, calling them forth from across time and space, in order to restore the original disk of spinning dust that existed before the planets. 

"Soundtrack" by Gunwallace on Drunk Duck.



KerBop, a third grader in angel school, is told that nothing exists in the inter-galactic void, and decides to investigate the place for herself.




Upcoming KerBop story features Alexandra, an oracle exiled to a distant island by a cruel dictator, after she gets a premonition about his downfall. She is visited by the angel KerBop, who tells her that he is coming to find her, and learn from her now that his kingdom has been destroyed by an army of giant robots from space, because she is the only one who foretold it. Alexandria is much-embittered by her time in this place, and has to come to grips with her cosmic mission, her spiritual destiny, and her galactic back-story.

Coming Soon!!

Look for it on Tapastic and here, spring 2022

Godspeed, Glorious Cat-Angel!!

KerBop is called on by some grape-flavored jelly critters to save them from a rampaging cyclops, and discovers an underlying threat to the deep future.

In Progress

On Hiatus-

Say Hello

Future KerBop story not yet released. The spirit called FeyVi, twin flame of KerBop the Angel, has sworn to return to Earth lifetime after lifetime in order to help the world awaken. She departs into a period of global strife, in which corporations have conquered the planet and made the wealth gap extreme. In her worldly life, she forgets her relationship to KerBop and her mission, until KerBop can get her to say the magic word.

Coming Soon.

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