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Publications & Downloadables

The publications and downloadable content below include zines, art books, and other readings I've compiled for those going through spiritual expansion. More are available on my Gumroad Page.

  • The Utopian Futhark Book of Rune Meanings

    • For anyone learning the Runes or interested in the Runes, I have compiled this book as my own poetic response and the understanding I've built over my years of studying the Runes since I was 14. This is also available in printed version on my Etsy.

  • The Inner Mask Oracle - Complete Manual of Meanings

    • Just under 200 pages. This includes the meanings of all the cards and also the "science fiction" back-stories behind the cards. Currently available as digital PDF. 

  • Go Forth - Create Without Fear

    • A fully illustrated art book, created with pencil and watercolor, inspired by a dream in which an alien explained to me that now is the time for all artists to create without fear. Contains all my thoughts about art-making as I've developed them over the course of my spiritual awakening. This book is also available in printed form on my Etsy.

  • ​More available on my Gumroad

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