I'm an oracle deck creator, comic book artist, writer and content creator. My three self-published oracle decks including the Inner Mask Oracle, the Radiant Souls Oracle, the Utopian Futhark, and others in the works.


In 2018 I received the name "Kat Crow" at Burning Man. I was at a bar on the playa, and did an oracle reading for a Hells' Angel-type. As thanks he gave me a pretty wicked machete, and also suggested I take on the name Kat Crow. It has become my name within the spiritual and tarot-reading community.

Where to find me on Instagram:

@ConsciousDust (main)

@TheInnerMask (spiritual / oracle decks)

@UtopianFuthark (runes focus)

This website is my safe space for thoughts in the arena of spiritual matters. I have put publications (zines, articles, art books and other interesting downloadables) on the Publications page, that I think will be of interest to the spiritual community.

If you would like to donate or participate, you can visit my Patreon page. It is currently art focused, however the next art project will be quite spiritual in nature.

For any questions, you can reach out using the Contact Form below.

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Design Services

I'm also a designer, writer and illustrator, with experience in album cover and poster design, website and publication design, animation and even comic books. In addition I've produced and crowd-funded 3 oracle decks.

I'm open to considering design, marketing and consulting projects with the spiritual community.


To see more of my design work, you can visit instagram @consciousdust or see my Design Portfolio

You can get in contact using the form above, or email caliway at gmail with subject "Design Inquiry"

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