"Destiny is malleable. One can by-pass a step and have the same outcome... But some steps are more critical than others."


Prymislina is a sort of promised land, built on the ruins of a place called the Iron City.

The Iron City was ruled by a cruel king, despotic and violent. When his kingdom is destroyed he is set to wander the earth, and will be much changed by his experiences. He wil make the discovery that ordinary beings are able to grant wishes, and among earth-dwelling beings, the ability to fly is always amongst the first of their wishes. Prymislina, the floating city, will be reachable once the first few people have learned how to grant wishes, you will know them by their ability to fly. In a time when the surface of the earth is being all torn apart by intruders, Prymislina stands as the preservation of hope.


For a thousand years Prymislina sails the skies until its safe to descend back to the ground, and share with those who saw the war what was discovered in the clouds. In order to communicate its findings, Prymislinians produced a series of books, so that the principles of wish-granting may become known to the entire world.

Publications From Prymislina

The Prymisline Guidebook to Advanced Wish - Making

Presented by the Suprememe Council of Wish-Fulfillment and Destiny Management

The Prymisline Guidebook to New Eyes

Assembled by the Committee on

New & Incomprehensible Wonders

"Flood your life! Ignite the mind that knows wonder. You are inspired to believe: more exists than can yet be seen by the eyes and its instruments. More exists than can yet be understood by ordinary minds and their apparati. Your mind is more than ordinary, for it was made by wonders yet unknown. It has sensed that there are greater things than this.  Like a hound on a trail, it has identified that wonder and seeks more. All the universe invites such a mind! Welcome home!"

-Introduction, The Prymisline Guidebook to New Eyes