A Few Words

 This blog is literally just a way for me to keep notes about my project KerBop, which is a webcomic about an angel who defends this solar system. I'm trying it as an experiment. So far so good. I may stick with it. These pages are for my delight as I write notes for my KerBop project, and design decisions disobey any typical ones. I may make you endure swirly backgrounds behind text and animation everywhere, I may or may not have entirely unedited brain-dumps appear from time to time, I may completely overhaul the structure of this thing with no warning whatsoever. Everything here may be considered draft. Everything here is written by Kathleen Kralowec and I hope someone besides me finds it interesting sometime. It's kinda secret, I mean I'm not gonna put effort into publicizing it, so if you've found yourself here, you must've gone wandering. 


You can also check out more finished versions of KerBop at www.Tapastic.com/kkralowec or at www.KerBop.com

You can connect with me at twitter  @conscious_dust or www.kathleenkralowec.com