The Realms Heavenly, which have many names, are a recognized aspect of creation by every spiritual community in the universe, though not all have reached a level of sophistication to accurately describe it. Of the twelve most advanced races in the universe, only 3 have managed to even form a basic description of its features, landmarks, rules and creatures. We have been allowed, so far, access only to knowledge of a few things about it, such as a few of its guidebooks.

Not Just Guardians - A General Primer on Angelism


A General Primer

on Angelism

This book is the initial guidebook which new angels are given in order to introduce them to such concepts as infinite and non-infinite existences, heavenly and non-heavenly beings and their relationships, and the huge variety and complexity amongst heavenly creatures, of which angels are only one kind.


Here are some chapters:

-Before The Universe: Some Reasons for All This Stuff

-Time's Friends: Angels as Spiritual Survivors and Blood Relatives to All Living Things

-Existence and Non-Existence: An Introduction to The Concept of Mortality

-Semi-Angels, Demi-Gods, Photonic Entities and other Light-Beings

-Monsters, Demons and Other Impossibles: the Nemesis and the Opposite of (What) Is

-Afterwards: The Universe After Everything We Know About it is No Longer True