"The Tarot of the Inner Mask Oracle Deck" has been available on since 2018. 

The Game Crafter is a print-on-demand site, allowing game designers to upload assets and produce stunning finished materials for games and other interactive systems.

It also allows creators to update and change assets instantly, if they discover a mistake or change their minds about something.

I have updated the deck on The Game Crafter several times, resulting in different "versions" of the deck. 

All these versions are usable, and contain the full potential for The Tarot of the Inner Mask, both as a divination tool, guide to introspection, and philosophical system.

What you do need, and what is available on this page, are the GUIDEBOOKS for all the versions.


The CURRENT VERSION of the Tarot of the Inner Mask Oracle is:


Version 3.5 

If you have an older version and need the associated book of meanings, you can find that on this page. Decks after 2.0 come with an informational card telling the version of the deck. You can always reach out with questions to caliway at gmail

*Updated Tuesday Aug 13 2019


Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 2.1

Version 3.0

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