User Interface Design, Health Tech App

Designing an interface to connect a tracking device to families that need them 

The Situation:

Alzheimer’s patients are at risk for wandering away from their homes and forgetting where they are. Families face the choice of putting these individuals in confined homes, which costs the individual dignity and freedom in addition to financial cost.


By Your Side is a key-chain-like RFID tracking system developed to keep track of the location of Alzheimer’s patients. What was needed was an easy-to-use system to connect the family to the device.


The Process:

Conversations with the founders and developers led to flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes. User testing and feedback allowed for further revision of the design for the app. Many iterations, with feedback from the entire team, were followed by user testing.


Developing a Brand:

Website design and logo enhancement were also part of my role. Our choices of color sprang from a strategy used by other Alzheimer's organizations, which is to rally around purple. Just as Breast Cancer has become associated with the color pink, so Alzheimer's has become somewhat associated with purple, and various organizations and fundraising events around the disease have used the color to their benefit. Purple is an interesting color to design with, but together with complimentary greens we formed a color scheme for the brand.



The final UI had a very simple color scheme and open look and feel, inviting to the user and sensitive of our his or her state of mind. Alerts are designed not to startle, but to inform.  



Date of Project: 2014


Interface Design
By Your Side Prototype
Original 3D-printed Prototype
Laying out the Necessary Features
Wireframing, the Map feature
Introducing By Your Side
Icon Designs
Interface Design Mock


Brand Identity, Human-Centered Design, Interface Design, Experience Design, User Testing, Visual Design


Tools & Techniques

Research, Illustrator, Photoshop, Designh

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