In-Person Tarot/Oracle Readings

In spring/summer 2022, I'm doing regular in-person readings at the Hekate Elixer Bar and Cafe in New York City. My days are usually Fridays 3-6, but times my vary so you can check my instagram @theinnermask to get updates. 

I also occasionally do readings at art galleries and sticker shows. 

If you're in NYC and would like to schedule an in-person reading, reach out on my About&Contact page. 

Online Tarot/Oracle Readings

The current information on how to book a reading with me is on my Calendly page, that's the best place to find out my available time slots and current pricing.

If you need a different time or have another question, you can reach out to me on my About & Contact page, or at caliway at gmail with the subject "Reading Inquiry"

I use oracle and tarot cards, depending on my intuition at the beginning of a reading. I also heavily use crystals.

Thanks so much for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon :)