Go Forth, Create Without Fear, Art Book
Art zine about creating in fearlessness, trauma and the creative process.
Available on Etsy
The Book of Exotic Flora
Experimental zine about plants, consciousness, aliens, gender, androgyny and sexuality. Contains illustrations, poetry, fiction and comics.
Available on Etsy
Mini Zines
Set of 5 mini zines created during summer 2020, about survival, hopefulness and expansion.
Available on Etsy
Inner Mask Manual
Complete manual of meanings, available as PDF and hard copy
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Plant Consciousness
7" mixed media sculpture
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
Gorgonna Has Had Enough
6" mixed media figurine
5" Custom Zukie figurine
Mixed Media
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
Elf Mystic
8" round painting on wood
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
5" round painting on wood
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
Nature Spirit
8" painting on wood
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
Androgyn Space Flower
8" embroidery mounted on wooden frame
Use CONTACT FORM to inquire
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The Inner Mask Oracle Deck
Oracle Deck with 64 cards
Available on GameCrafter
The Utopian Futhark
A Rune Deck featuring the Elder Futhark Nordic Runes portrayed as collages
Available on PRE-ORDER on Etsy
The Alphabet of Aleph
Experimental text-based oracle deck
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Society 6 Store
Mugs, pillows, and a few other items with my art on them can be found in my Society 6 store
Comics on my Etsy
My Etsy page has more comics, books, and other items
Gumroad Downloads
My Gumroad page has access to digital downloads such as the expanded manual for the Inner Mask Oracle, the digital edition of Go Forth, and other PDFs
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