October 6 2020

The Kickstarter for FILAMENTS is going live October 6!

The campaign will run for 3 weeks and wrap up Oct 27 2020. Check out the campaign below and thanks for having a look :)

FILAMENTS Kickstarter

October 2 2020

The Meanings Manual is now complete and available as a PDF download, or as a hard copy! The Manual is the complete book of general, reversal, and shadow meanings of the cards. It also includes bonus art, illustrations, spreads and commentary. It is also a book of fiction. 396 pages!

Download the PDF (145 MB)

Buy a Hard Copy

Need the deck? Get it HERE.

March 5 2021

I'm running a Kickstarter currently to fund the production of 3 enamel pins. There'll also be stickers and potentially freebees if stretch goals are reached. 

My Favorite Mollusks Kickstarter