KerBop is a flying cat-alien-angel-person who protects this entire solar system from all varieties of interstellar adversaries. She's a huge fan of blueberries, which she swears enable her to see other dimensions and encounter realities not previously activated.

KerBop first occurred to me while I was bored as hell in art history class in college, and I sketched her randomly in my notes. It was immediately clear that she was a defender of some sort, a rascal and also a romantic. 

Like all angels, KerBop exists outside of ordinary time. She was created in a sacred nebulae many billions of years ago, and entered Angel School at age one billion along with others from her Cloud. In 4th grade, when she was about 4 billion years old, she graduated from elementary school and got her very own solar system to protect: a solar system containing a planet called Earth. She also became guardian of all the different parallel dimensions in which conscious life takes part in this solar system, which is possibly an infinite number. In some dimensions, Earth is populated entirely by gumdrop people. In some dimensions, the solar system is overwhelmed by robot wars, and these give KerBop a lot of work. In other dimensions, life never got very far on Earth at all, but KerBop protects even that solar system. When KerBop is 18 billion years old, a wise high-schooler in the angelic system, she becomes an influential leader in the Angelic Council, and has a say in the protection and development of solar systems all around, but this comes after much adventure, trial and error, and learning in her early years.


Electricity is Her Element

first printing: 2018

2nd printing: 2019



(coming soon- will be Kickstarted Aug/Sep 2020)